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Comprehensive coordinated care happens when providers and/or systems come together to realize a common goal. Dr. Berwick discussed the triple aim in an effort to improve the healthcare delivery system and now we have progressed to the quadruple aim by adding a fourth dimension to the original 3 dimensions (improving experience of care, improving health of a population and lowering costs) of improved outcomes which is perhaps the most important as it relates directly to our patients. All of our providers at VIPMD have come together in a seamless manner and set sights on achieving the quadruple aim for all of our patients. Integration of multiple services and developing an intrinsic referral matrix helps patients have better outcomes and stay healthier longer.

Our providers believe that prevention is the most important method to sustain a healthy life.

Improving Chronic Care believes the following tenets are needed to improve chronic illness and we have adopted the belief that we have to be:

  • Timely​
Patients receive needed transitions and consultative services without unnecessary delays.
  • Safe
Referrals and transitions are planned and managed to prevent harm to patients from medical or administrative errors.
  • Effective​
Referrals and transitions are based on scientific knowledge, and executed well to maximize their benefit.
  • Patient-centered​
Referrals and transitions are responsive to patient and family needs and preferences.
  • Efficient​
Referrals and transitions are limited to those that are likely to benefit patients, and avoid unnecessary duplication of services.
  • Equitable​
The availability and quality of referrals and transitions does not vary by the personal characteristics of patients.